Fraudulent Calls & Phishing activities - Fraud Alert !

QuickMedRx or its authorized representatives will never ask for sensitive bank details from you. Please do not provide:

* Your debit/credit card number.
* CVV number.
* OTP.
* UPI/ATM pin.
* Net banking details.
* Payment wallet details.
* Other personal information
to anybody pretending to be a QuickMedsRx representative.
If you encounter such an instance, please be aware that it's a phishing effort, and you should report it right away.
If any suspicious fraudulent/phishing activity is found, Call immediately +91 88568 22573 or email at

Some possibilities from scammers.
* Fake toll-free customer service numbers are advertised on websites outside of QuickMedsRx.
* Fraud websites, blogs, or suspicious social media posts are all possibilities.
* Sending you suspicious links over WhatsApp, SMS, or email
* Unauthorized numbers are calling and asking for personal/financial information.
* Scammers will say that a refund is pending to induce you to provide personal information.
* Scammers can call you to give explicit Coupon codes for getting maximum discounts.

DISCLAIMER: QuickMedsRx cannot be held responsible for any Fraudulent Call & Phishing activities.