Grievance Resolution and Customer Support Policy

* Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for QuickMedsdRx growth. We strive to give the best customer service but, if you have any problems or concerns with our services, please refer to our policy, which outlines the methods for resolving customer complaints and grievances.
* Regulatory requirements and other applicable legislation developed the Company's Customer Support Policy. The policy lays out the basis for dealing with customer complaints.
*Complaints may arise from a failure to meet a promised turnaround time, non-fulfilment of a customer's request, payment-related issues, and so on. It is stated that the company acts solely as an online mediator between merchants listed on the QuickMedsRx platform and customers and that we have no control over or ownership of the items offered through our platform.
* As a result, all issues about the good's suitability, quality, and appropriateness are the responsibility of the third-party pharmacy vendors. We will make every effort to help them resolve any such product-related problems.
* We request you to read the term's condition and privacy policy in detail.
* The policy's goal is to guarantee that all customers are treated equally at all times.
* All customer complaints, requests, and questions will be swiftly and courteously addressed within 48 hours of the complaint being lodged on our site.
* Customers are thoroughly educated about escalating their complaints and their rights if they are not pleased with the Customer Service Team's response.

How to contact and report grievance:
* Calls and emails to contact the company's customer support team. They will acknowledge the customer's problem and record it in the proper system.
* The company has a set turnaround time for each procedure, revealing based on the issue under discussion.

Customer Support:
* You may reach out to our customer support staff by calling +91 88568 22573, SMS/what's app email to, which offers online solutions to your queries/complaints across all channels. The team will react to your concern/question within 48 business hours of receiving your grievances.
* The company will periodically evaluate the policy and, as necessary, alter or update it to meet business needs in accordance with regulatory standards and other relevant laws.
* Third-party pharmacy and payment partners are essential to the company. As a result, after we transmit the inquiry to them in rare situations, you may experience a delay in resolution due to factors beyond our control.