QuickMedsRx Cancelation, Return, Refund Policy & Shipping Charges Policy

QuickMedsRx team strives to facilitate correct processing of medicines/health care products as per users uploaded prescription/selected medicines in the cart. We check for products are in the right conditions, we check for any damage or tamper, expiry date before delivering. Still, we strongly recommend checking the items at the time of delivery. Before consumption of any medicines, please confirm with your doctor. Consume medicines as per your doctor’s instruction.


A. Customer cancellation:
a.The customer can cancel the order till the QuickMedsRx delivery agent is out for delivery, or the order is shipped. Orders once out for delivery or shipped cannot be cancelled.

B. QuickMedsRx Cancellation
QuickMedsRx can cancel orders in the following conditions:
*If third-party vendors cannot accept and service orders because of non-availability of the product or quantities ordered by you or inaccuracies or pricing information specified by our third party vendors.
*Short expiry medicines.
*QuickMedsRx also reserves the right to cancel any orders ordered in bulk, i.e. ‘Bulk Order’’ if it meets the below-mentioned criteria, which may not be exhaustive.
*Products ordered are not for self-consumption but commercial resale
*Multiple orders placed for the same product at the same address.
*Bulk quantity of the same product ordered.
*Invalid address given in order details.
*Any malpractice used to place the order.
*No cancellation charges shall be levied for the cancellation of an order in accordance with the terms of this policy.


Return is a process when a user sends an item back, ordered through the QuickMedsRx portal.

A. The situation when can initiate return:
*Medicines/Healthcare/Wellness products delivered do not match the user’s uploaded prescription/cart order.
*Medicines/Healthcare/Wellness products delivered are due for an early expiration date (Items with an expiry date of less than 03 months shall be considered as early expiry). 
*Healthcare/Wellness products were tampered/damaged during the process of transit/delivery process. (Please do not accept any items if seal is broken or tampered can request the same for returned/refund)  Note: We cannot commit a replacement for all products as it will depend on the availability of the particular product; in such cases, we will offer a refund.
*As described above, if the wrong order is delivered, the QuickMedsRx team is always ready to assist and resolve your queries. 
*In the Case of Local Cities (Nagpur), within 1-2 days following the approval of the return request, we will process the request. For Other Cities, between 7-8 business days after the return request is approved. This time may be extended based on the services provided by the third-party courier partners.
*User has to raise a return request within two (02) days from the date of delivery.
*QuickMedsRx reserves the right to cancel the Return request if the customer reaches out to QuickMedsRx after two (02) days of delivery.
*On Return/Refund requests, the QuickMedsRx team shall verify the request's authenticity and nature. If the QuickMedsRx team finds that the request is genuine, it will initiate the Return and Refund process. 
*QuickMedsRx team shall initiate the refund only once it has received the confirmation from the third-party vendor concerned in respect of the contents of the product relating to that refund.
*In case of frivolous and unjustified complaints regarding the quality and content of the products, QuickMedsRx reserves the right to pursue necessary legal actions against the user, and the user will be solely liable for all costs incurred QuickMedsRx in this regard.

B. Returns cannot be processed in the following conditions
*Any wrong uploaded prescription / selected item in cart/ ordering of product does not qualify for Return.
*Batch number of the product to be returned should match the batch number mentioned on the invoice. Any discrepancy in batch number will not be liable for cancellation.
*Return requests initiated due to change in prescription do not qualify for Return.
*Returned products should be in their original manufacturer's packaging, i.e., original price tags, labels, bar-code, and invoice.
*Partial/half-consumed medicine strips or products will not qualify for Return; only entirely unopened strips or products can be returned.
*Healthcare/Wellness products ordered under any Promotional scheme on the QuickMedsRx portal cannot be processed for Return.
*Healthcare/Wellness products that have been damaged/tampered with or have been misused cannot be processed for Return.
*If accessories/freebies supplied with the product are missing cannot be processed for Return.

C. How to Return?
To return any product as per return policy, the user can raise a return request within the stipulated time frame of the period mentioned earlier. Steps for returning product.
Step 1: Click on My Orders.
Step 2: Select the product and click return.
Step 3: Mention the Reason for Return
Step 4: Confirm Return
*On receiving your return request, our customer support executive will call you and verify the return process.
*After verification and claim found to be genuine and reasonable customer support team will initiate the process of returning of health care product within 24-48 business hours
*Users are instructed to pack the delivered items in the original manufacturer’s packaging with all labels intact.
*Refund will be initiated completed within 5-7 business days from the date of receipt of pick up.
*To request for return of any product, call us +91 8856 822573 or contact us by SMS/WhatsApp from 11.00 AM to 6.00 PM, Monday to Saturday, our customer care executive will help in the return process, or mail us at care@quickmedsrx.com.
If the Return claim is rejected, the user has to bear the delivery charges for returning those items.

C. Non-Returnable Products
The below-mentioned categories of products will be considered non-returnable and will not qualify for the Return as per QuickMedsRx Return policy.
Temperature dependent: Cold storage / Cold chain Needed Products (Special Product category) Vaccines, Injections, vials, penfills and any other products requiring cold storage will fall under this category
Baby Care Products Milk Bottle nipples, Breast Nipples, breast pumps, ear syringes, diapers, Nappy, Wet Reminder, Wet Wipes and Wipe Warmers
Sexual Wellness Products Condoms, Fertility Kit/Supplement, Lubricants, Pregnancy Kits
Heath care Devices Glucometer Lancet/Strip, Healthcare Devices and Kits, Surgical, Health Monitors
Food & Nutrition Health Drinks, Health Supplements
Other products Sanitary Napkins

Note: Items marked "Non-Returnable" on the product description page, as well as those with a past-due return window, cannot be returned. Suppose a non-returnable item is returned with a returnable item. In that case, QuickMedsRx will deny a refund or return the "Non-Returnable" item to you after our Third-Party pharmacy confirms the returned item (s).


*As mentioned in the above conditions, if claims are found to be valid and returned, a third-party vendor verifies the product, we will initiate a refund.
*Please note that the refund amount (excluding delivery charges) mentioned at the time of return on the Platform is an estimate and will be finalized after verification completion. 
*Please note that the verification process may take 24-48 hours from pick up from local Cities (Nagpur). 
*For other cities, it may take 8-10 business days from the date of pick up from your location.
The amount is expected to reflect in your bank account after completion of verification from the seller and bank as per the following timelines:
Method of Payment Refund Timeframe (after successful verification from third party pharmacy/ vendor)
Cash on Delivery (COD) will be refunded through fund transfer to customer’s bank account. 1-3 Business Days
NEFT 1-3 Business Days
Online refund 7-10 business days subject to the bank turnaround time and RBI Guidelines.

*Refund for Cash on delivery (COD) will be transferred to users bank account (User has to provide Bank account details).
*Users should understand and acknowledge that we reserve the right to claim back any refund that we have processed due to fraudulent activities such as the return of wrong products or the incorrect quantity of the products.

IV: Delivery / Shipping Charges Policy:

Orders with a payable amount of Rs.1000/- or more will qualify for free delivery. Please note that delivery charges may vary concerning delivery location, weight, and applicable offers on the respective order. If you have any concerns or queries, write to us at: care@quickmedsrx.com.